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We started our journey of growing and exporting quality Fresh Fruit and Vegetables to every corner in the world. As our ancestors’ culture, produce and merchandise reached Europe, Asia, The Americas and the Middle East, so does our exports. Customer full satisfaction and high quality produce are what we built our reputation on. We only deliver top quality produce at competitive prices.

Who we are

We are distinguished by high flexibility, innovation and consultation in every field of industrial supply

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Competitive prices

Excellent quality

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Pharaohs Aid works on the Farmer-to-consumer process, no brokers involved to assure the best quality products, the unbeatable prices and the customer’s satisfaction. We own different grow lands and pack houses which makes us specialized traders as well as importing and exporting goods. We deal with customers for different needs ranging from importers up to super markets. We also handle catering contracts with different hotels and compounds. We aim for a long-life strong partnership with all our clients.

Skilled Professionals

We are a team of highly skilled professionals in the field of fruits and vegetables production, supply and logistics. Our agriculture specialists are in constant contact with our research centers to obtain up-to-date techniques and ways on growing and handling our fresh produce. We take our business very seriously as most key staff are always in the loop on all deals, transactions and business needs.

Our Vision

Pharaohs Aid was established upon the belief that everyone is unique, hence we address our customers’ needs and meet them in a timely fashion. We as humans are responsible for how we treat Mother Earth, we find solutions that are considered environmentally sustainable and economical as well.

Our Mission

We complete the legacy of our ancestors by providing the whole world with the most efficient and sustainable supplying solution for consumer business success. In our field we strive for perfection, hence we only make sure that all our produce is second to none and only top notch quality.

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